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Renovating a Bathroom Can Be Overwhelming: Here’s a Checklist to Get Started

Deciding to renovate your bathroom is both exciting and overwhelming. It being the smallest room in your house, you would imagine it would be the easiest to renovate, but there is actually a lot you need to make sure you do. Here is a checklist to help you get started on the process.

Take a Moment to Look Around Your Bathroom

Figure out what it is you want to change. Make two lists: one for “needs” and the other for “wants”. This will help you make sure you get everything done that you need to first. To make sure you stay on schedule and budget, worry about the wants last. This can also be a good time to figure out what style bathroom you would like to have.


Depending on how much money you are willing and able to spend, you need to make sure you stay within a budget that works for you. Set a limit and stick to it. Make sure all the needs are met first, and then if you have money left over, go ahead and include some of your wants.

DIY or Hire Someone?

 Figure out if you can do this yourself. Make sure you have the time, energy, and the skills. Mistakes in the bathroom can be costly, so it might be advisable to call on a Bathroom Renovator to help you. This will ensure you get the job done accurately and on time.

Cabinet Space

 Make the most of the space in your bathroom. If you can expand your storage space, and make it so that your guests do not see where you keep all your tools and products, this will help to make your bathroom more relaxing. Clutter can be stressful.


 If you are going to redo your floors, figure out what type of floor will be able to endure water, heat, and humidity. Your bathroom can be a very wet place. You want to make sure the type of floor you decide to install can withstand all the moisture.


If you can get a lot of natural light into your bathroom, this will help it to be a very relaxing place for you to spend time when getting ready for your day. You should also make sure the light fixtures you decide on are practical and provide adequate light. The bathroom can be dangerous without it. Putting a light in the shower might also be a good idea if it is within your budget.


Ventilation is a very important feature of a bathroom. It not only helps to prevent the bathroom from being damp and smelly but having good ventilation can also be good for your health. If you do not already have a good ventilation system, this may be a time to call upon a professional as it can be a big job.


Plumbing is probably the most important part of a bathroom. It is best to make sure this part of the project is done properly, or it can really do some damage to your house. You can also look into making your water usage environmentally friendly.

Your bathroom is one of the most used rooms in your house. It is only natural to want it to be a comfortable and relaxing place. It is also important to make sure it is a practical and attractive room as guests will usually use it at least once while they are over. Make sure your take your time in planning your bathroom renovation, and do it right the first time to avoid costly mistakes.


3 Storage Mistakes You Should Never Repeat while Renovating Your Home

storage Options while Renovating

Home remodeling and renovation storage is a convenient solution for homeowners who are looking forward to beautifying their properties on time and on a budget. Designed to protect any category of valuables while keeping an entire home clean and clutter-free, these storage solutions simplify the efforts of every family involved in an ample renovation project, especially when they come with significant discounts, flexible leases and other perks, such as access to inexpensive packaging materials, and free pick-up.

3 Preventable Storage-Related Home Renovation Mistakes That You Shouldn’t Make

Even so, it’s safe to say that no two storage spaces are alike; this is why clients should research their options very carefully before spending their money on a specific one. Here are 3 frequent mistakes that you should never make again while renting and using storage space to protect your environment and your personal effects during a renovation.

Cramming Everything Up Onsite.

The idea of depositing household contents within reach, inside an attic, basement or garage can be quite appealing at a first thought, especially for those who are striving to remodel their homes on a budget.

Here’s the problem with ad-hoc onsite storage: aside from compromising the functionality and aesthetics of your space, in-room storage can expose your delicate goods to real threats, such as a potential mold contamination or extreme temperature variation triggering significant damages.

Wasting Time and Energy.

Storage centerDuring a big renovation project, the last thing that you want to worry about is loading your things, renting a moving truck, unloading all your items inside a unit and repeating all these steps when your remodelling job is done.

To avoid wasting any time and energy while keeping costs in check, it is highly recommended to choose a smart temporary storage solution tailored to the nature and extent of your home improvement project and financial situation.

It is important you find the right company for you and your needs. For instance, if you only need to accommodate some of your goods for a few months, you could choose to rent door-to-door storage containers; each container is designed to fit the contents of one or one and a half rooms, and can protect even the most valuable or delicate personal effect while you work on your surroundings.

Portable containers are easy to load, affordable and easy to access, which makes them a fantastic option for homeowners who are planning the details of their upcoming remodelling project.


Ignoring Security Risks.

Many families end up damaging, losing or misplacing high-value objects during renovation projects, as a result of their poor organisation. To keep these risks at bay, you could start by grouping, prioritising, boxing and labelling each item that will be stored offsite. Also, it would be best to opt for a storage company that has implemented the most advanced security solutions for their clients, such as access to modern units with individual door alarms and nonstop video surveillance.

Those who would rather rent door-to-door storage containers should keep in mind that they could always send their container to a safe and secure nearby storage center, instead of just depositing it onsite, in a spare room, in their garage or in their backyard. By following all these tips and avoiding the common mistakes explained above, homeowners have the chance to choose the most suitable storage solutions, and turn their renovation into a success story.

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