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How Driveway Resurfacing Helped Me Sell My Home

Driveway Resurfacing by Looks Great Concrete

Resurfacing your concrete with a decorative coating is one of those things that you usually only hear about through friends and family. This case was no different. Bless their hearts for bringing concrete resurfacing to my attention.

Back in late 2016 I had one of my properties on the market. I was asking just above market value but I felt it was well worth every last dollar. I didn’t need to sell my home, but with my new blogging career I was no longer tied to the streets and felt an urge to move abroad for bigger and better things.

My house was nice, big and well maintained. My driveway however, left room for the imagination!

My Drab Driveway

There were cracks, it was discoloured and the previous owner to the house must have been a mechanic. There were oil stains and gouge marks almost the length of the driveway. Needless to say, it was not adding value to my home.

I had played with the idea of relaying my driveway. After speaking with a few contractors about it I was left with an expensive set of quotes to remove, level and relay the concrete. This would remove the ugly entrance to my home, but would still only leave me with a standard concrete driveway. Not to mention, the price was steep, we’re talking $20,000+!

I had a decision to make. Would spending the money increase the value of my home, and would it do so enough to cover the costs?

After thinking long and hard I decided to go to the best person I know for advice on home renovations. My father.

As soon as 2 minutes into the conversation, dad mentioned how a friend of his in Melbourne had decorative concrete resurfacing services to renovate and rejuvenate his driveway.

This was something I had never thought of and wasn’t even sure was possible. I had seen decorative driveways, but thought it was an added expense to laying it in the first place. With $20,000 being the lowest quote for re-laying my driveway I was never going to afford adding colours, patterns and textures. Luckily I was wrong.

Looks Great Concrete To The Rescue

I got in touch with the company that worked with my father’s associate. The company specialises in decorative concrete resurfacing including driveway resurfacing Melbourne. Right from the start, I loved the name. Looks Great Concrete, exactly what I needed!

I spoke to a contractor with Looks Great Concrete named Andrew who told me all about the driveway resurfacing, the price involved and what to expect on an older concrete surface.

The whole driveway resurfacing project was quoted at only $4,000, I couldn’t believe my luck!

I immediately had Andrew come out and inspect the driveway while also bringing some pamphlets and examples of previous work. Needless to say his service was excellent. I got an immediate answer for every question, a 5 year guarantee on the resurface and expert advice on what patterns and textures most people are looking for.

The whole project took 5 days. In the end, I went with what he called looks great fleck. The finish was an anti-slip texture with an exposed aggregate finish. There were little flecks within the surface that made it look fresh and modern. I love it!

Resurfaced Driveway


Driveway Resurfacing Cost

The total price for all work completed ended up at $4,400 including GST, almost a quarter of relaying a new driveway. The finish is immaculate and much nicer than fresh concrete would have been.

After finishing of the driveway, and more great advice from Andrew and dad, I had the house re-evaluated……. Wait for it……..$23,000…. That is how much my house’s value increased from a $4,400 investment!

In Conclusion

The best part, my house sold within 2 months at $14,500 more than the initial price I was asking.

If you’re ever looking to sell your home and have a sad looking driveway holding you back. Decorative Concrete Resurfacing should be something well worth looking into. I’m not saying everyone could benefit from it, but I know I sure have.

If you live in Melbourne and would like to get in touch with Looks Great Concrete you can find them by following the link further up the article. Otherwise, there website is

As always, it’s been a pleasure. Thanks for reading and make sure to let me know what you think of my article so I can provide a better reading experience moving forward!


How to Tell When It’s Time to Replace Your Roof – Seven Signs

Many homeowners fret that they need a whole new roof the minute they spot a leak in their ceiling, but a leak could be due to several different issues. So, what factors determine whether a roof repair will solve your particular problem, or if your house needs a brand new roof?

How to Tell If You Need to Replace Your Roof

Roof replacement

  1. The Age of the Roof

Do you know how old the existing asphalt shingle roof is? Many experts agree that, on average, a roof lasts around 20 – 25 years. However, it does depend on whether or not the original roof was removed and if you have just a single layer of shingles, and also whether or not there is proper airing. If the roof was installed over another layer of roofing, or even a few layers, and is older than 25 years, you probably need to replace it.

  1. The Roof Valleys

Are your roof shingles missing or falling apart in the valley of the roof? This is a sure-fire sign that it’s time to replace your roof. Valleys are the most important part of your roof, and it is through them that rain flow towards your gutters. If your valley is compromised, you may be susceptible to leaks. If your not sure where to look, Prompt Roofing provide onsite checkups with honest reliable roofing contractors.

  1. Shingles Buckling and Curling

Curling Shingles due to ageHave you seen shingles on your roof that are buckling or curled, chances are it is time for a new roof. Take a good look at the slopes of your house that get direct sunlight to see if shingles are curling and possibly losing granules. If so, this could mean that the shingles are worn out. There is also the possibility that your roof is defective. It is a good idea to get in touch with a licensed roofing contractor for an estimate on a new roof.

  1. Chimney Flashing

The chimney flashing is another area you should be concerned about. If the flashing is loaded with tar or roof cement, it possibly needs to be replaced with a water-tight and longer-term fitting. Experts typically recommend a metal flashing system.

  1. Are Shingles Missing?

This is another sign that your roof is failing. All the shingle tabs should be intact. If not, it’s time to replace your roof.

  1. Spot a Ray of Daylight?

Hole in roof needing repairsWhen walking of the roof, does it feel kind of spongy or like you’re bouncing on a trampoline? If so, this could mean that the underlying decking has weakened from moisture. Head to your attic to see if there is daylight seeping through the roof boards and check for moisture in your insulation.

  1. Are the Gutters Full of Shingle Granules?

Take a good look in your gutters to see if they are full of shingle granules. Typically, roofs lose more granules the closer they get to the end of their life-cycle. Darker or inconsistent colours on parts of your roof is yet another sign that the granules have worn away and you will need to replace your roof.


If any of the seven symptoms above are happening in your homes roof its best you get someone to take a look. Although a roofing contractor may cost a bit upfront, neglecting to fix or replace your roof can cause leaky roof syndrome and allow water to reak havoc inside your home’s wall’s ceiling and inner cavities. This can be a health risk increasing the pollutants in the air from mold and mildew. If in doubt, check it out!

Thanks again for reading my short post! I hope this one has been informative and helps with your decision on your roofing moving forward.

Have a great day and take care!