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Category: Gardening

5 Hacks a Better Garden By This Spring

Spring has just about sprung, so it’s time to get into your garden and get it ready for the hot months ahead. Here are 5 hacks to getting your garden Spring-ready.

Spring Tree Flowering

  1. Spring Cleaning

Throughout the winter, your garden was exposed to the elements and the odd storm. So, start by clearing out the garden beds and lawn of fallen leaves, broken branches, and any other debris that may have collected. It’s important that you start these tasks soon as your Spring plants and bulbs will be popping out of the ground any moment. The sooner you start cleaning out your beds, the less chance you have of walking on the new plants and damaging them. The same Spring clean applies to your bushes and trees. Trim off dead and broken branches and prune and shape your trees.

  1. Getting the Garden Tools Ready

Garden tools ready to be oiledPull out all those tools that have been lying around through the winter, it’s time to clean them and ensure they are ready for the job. Clean off your tools using soap and water. You can use mineral spirits for wood handles as this will prevent wood from splintering.

  1. Give the Soil the TLC It Needs

Time to get your soil ready for planting. Start by turning the soil over with a pitchfork and then rake it out to clear any weeds that have grown. You can then add fresh compost either from your homemade compost bin or use store-bought manure or compost to add much-needed nutrients to your soil. Aim to add the manure or compost a few weeks before you plan on planting something. This gives it time to mix well with the soil and will avoid burning the roots of new plants.

  1. Make a Plan

Determine which vegetables and flowers are going to be best for the different sections of your garden. You may want to head to the local garden centre for planting recommendations from the experts. Planning the garden is probably the most important part of the preparation process. You may want to plant in a way that you get colours blooming through the season, so you’ll want a mix of annuals and perennials to keep colour in your garden for longer. It’s also a good idea to plant according to height with taller plants not blocking sun from the shorter plants.

  1. Keep Looking After Your Garden

Women on knees gardeningIt’s important to maintain your garden throughout the season. Once your flowers begin to bloom you will need to deadhead to promote further flowers, depending on the species. It’s also a good time to plant annuals that will supplement your perennials. Deadheading involves cutting off the fading or drooping flowers from the healthy stems. Late spring is perfect for putting down a layer of mulch, too, which will hold down weeds and retain water for the hot summer days coming up. The mulch will break down over the autumn and winter and add extra nutrients to the soil.