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I have created this blog, Finding Zen Culture, as a renovations and remodeling blog with a little bit of a twist.

colorful zen garden

Although I am not religious, I am spiritual. I believe that living in a space you are happy with is what makes all the difference and will help you to be more comfortable both in your skin and in your space.

Zen Culture started in China back under the Tang dynasty and is a form of buddhism. It represents a form of self control and the personal expression into insight of the day.

I like that, and feel that bringing Zen Culture into your space through renovations and design can help you relax, meditate and be more happy in your own soul.

This blog however is more biased towards what I do know, gardening, horticulture, design, architecture and renovating.

About me

Michelle Hamilton AuthorMy name is Michelle Hamilton, I am a spiritual soul who has a passion for bringing the old and nurturing it to the new. I like the idea that most things in life that become useless over time can be recycled and remade into something of value once more.

When i am not reading, studying, meditating or writing I find myself working in the garden pulling weeds, going for long bike rides and spending time with loved ones at some of my favorite destinations.

I decided to start writing this blog only recently after thinking about it for a great deal of time. The though of putting my ideas out their, sharing my knowledge through posts is something that interests me.

Because I am new to this, I would love that you give me feedback and help me grow my blog into something that one can be proud of. You can contact me with your ideas anytime on the contact page through this link provided here.